Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vacation knits!

I love knitting on the plane, in cars on the way to destinations, while sitting beside a pool and relaxing, and pretty much any other opportunity that vacations allow. Vacation knitting started early for me. One of my first scarves was made on my way to visiting my friend Jessie in Japan, then later that year, my first pair of socks were knit while in Australia.

I do tend to knit socks on vacations more often than any other projects because of their portability. Also, it helps that the needles are so small that they are even less dangerous than a pencil. Oh, and no... I have never been asked to check my knitting needles. I know other countries have issues with people knitting on planes, but thank goodness the US isn't one of them. Also, if I did go somewhere with problems, I have in fact knit with the insides of a pen before. It is a bit odd, and I wouldn't recommend it for most projects, but hey, if you have a 40 minute bus ride and have left a needle at home, you might have done it too.

My most recent pair of socks, now almost 75% finished, were knit on the way to and in Florida. This trip was so much fun, for it was a girls' trip with friends from High School. We may not be the rowdiest bunch, but it was a lot of fun. It was also fun that of the 4 of us, 3 of us are now knitters. It's always fun to have a friend learn to knit, then we have that much more to chat about. I am hitting my 10 year anniversary of knitting this year, and now have a good number of friends addicted as well! Long live knitting, vacations, and definitely vacation knits!

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