Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crazy about Diamonds

So, I am not too crazy about the precious stone. Yep, diamonds aren't this girl's best friend. That's a long story and not one for this blog post. However, making diamonds in patterns is a whole different story. A few short (or long) years ago, my sister Katy made me a gorgeous short-row hat in Noro. I made Josh one as well and it was so much fun.

Here's the hat in all it's super-rainbow glory. I get so many compliments on this hat, and every time I say that... "No, I didn't make it...". I decided (after being given 4 partial skeins of Noro) that I wanted to make a scarf to match. So, I went to a fun modular knitting book that I got for Christmas called Modular Knits. I didn't have enough Noro for a full scarf, so added a neutral blue for the edging. This is what came out of it:

The blue didn't last long enough for the length to be a great scarf, so I decided to make it into a circular loop, by sewing up the edges. It now goes on as a 2 loop, and is incredibly comfortable. As mitered squares in the middle, the Noro still pops, although not quite as much as the original does.

So, here I am with the hat and scarf together! And, to attempt to finish the very last vestiges of the Noro that I was given, I am planning on doing a mitered squares patch for fingerless gloves. Winter in the northwest is always changing, so you never know when you'll need a hat, gloves, and scarf to keep out the chill.

Time to get going on those gloves! The knitting awaits...

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